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    Need to replace external HD that stores my photos, have been using Time Machine


      My external hard drive, which stores my photos, is failing. The Lrcat file is stored on my laptop which is working fine. I have been backing up my system regularly using Time Machine (Laptop and external connected, plus a Time Machine-dedicated external) so fingers crossed the photos have been included in the backups.  Additionally, I tell LR to back itself up every time I quit the program.


      My plan of action below, any advice is most welcome:

      1.  Plug a new external drive into my laptop, along with Time Machine external.

      2.  I'll somehow tell TM to populate the new external drive with the same files (photos) that I had on my old photos external. I've never used Time Machine to restore things so fingers very much crossed.

      3.  Then I'll need to tell Lightroom to look for the photo files in the new external, I'd think.


      Thanks in advance for any help!


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          dj_paige Level 10

          This is a good plan. Here are some comments


          2. When you populate the new external drive, they need to have the exact same folder structure and file names as they had on the original failing EHD. I assume that's not a problem for Time Machine, but I have never used it


          3. When #2 is properly done, unplug the original EHD. Follow these instructions, see in particular Figure 4 and associated text. www.computer-darkroom.com/lr2_find_folder/find-folder.htm


          Congratulations on having the proper backups. You'd be surprised how many people in this forum don't.