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    Webcam video streaming

      i want to use my web camera to live stream.I will use my web camera to get video and i will show the users who visits the site my webcam's display, how can i do this with flex? i get my webcam display with these
      private function videocreate():void {
      var camera:Camera = Camera.getCamera();
      if (camera) {
      } else {
      Alert.show("You don't have a camera");
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          injpix Level 3
          From the help docs:
          "Use the Camera class to capture video from a camera attached to a computer running Flash Player. Use the Video class to monitor the video locally. Use the NetConnection and NetStream classes to transmit the video to Flash Media Server. Flash Media Server can send the video stream to other servers and broadcast it to other clients running Flash Player."

          So you will need Flash Media Server to stream your video. Or something similar to FMS, such as Red5.
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            obaycol Level 1
            Thanks myIP,
            after your message i installed flash media encoder 2.5 and media server 3.Can you explain me the main algorithm.i understand like this;
            i use media encoder to take the video for example it gives me a link like this : rtmp://localhost/live/livestream and after i use it in the Flex 3 like this :
            <mx:VideoDisplay source="rtmp://localhost/live/livestream" height="254" width="200"/>

            if i use encode server do i need to use netstream and Netconnection Class?
            and if i do these steps in the server can i take the display(webcam plugged to server ) from the flex client ? this is very importan for me thanks again for your help