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    Redact error




      I am using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2015 release on a Macbook running 10.12.1 Sierra.


      I have had an issue on some documents when doing a redact. I have used the "Text and Images" option in redact and have highlighted the details I needed redacted. When I click apply, the system redacts the highlighted text but also goes through the document and redacts totally unrelated text as well. This does not always happens but it does happen always to the same docs. I am wondering if it is pdf doc related.


      Anyone encounter this before?

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          rital72338 Level 1

          How am I supposed to get issues resolved if nobody has an answer on the forums and that is the only option available for me. There is no phone or chat option.

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            Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

            Perhaps you chose the wrong product name, as you did with the forum. Chat and phone should be available for Acrobat Pro, but not (as you've chosen) Reader.

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              rital72338 Level 1

              Cool thanks.. maybe that is the case. I will try again.

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                rital72338 Level 1

                There are no Acrobat Pro options. Below is the list:


                • Adobe Creative Cloud
                • Adobe Document Cloud
                • Adobe Marketing Cloud
                • Adobe Stock
                • Adobe Products for organizations: business, government, education

                • Adobe Acrobat
                • Adobe Acrobat Reader
                • Adobe After Effects
                • Adobe Animate
                • Adobe Audition
                • Adobe Behance
                • Adobe Bridge
                • Adobe Business Catalyst
                • Adobe Captivate
                • Adobe Captivate Prime
                • Adobe Character Animator (Beta)
                • Adobe ColdFusion
                • Adobe Connect
                • Adobe Contribute
                • Adobe Creative Suite: Design Standard
                • Adobe Creative Suite: Design and Web Premium
                • Adobe Creative Suite: Master Collection
                • Adobe Creative Suite: Production Premium
                • Adobe Digital Editions
                • Adobe Digital Publishing Solution
                • Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Professional or Enterprise Edition
                • Adobe Director
                • Adobe Document Solutions
                • Adobe Dreamweaver
                • Adobe Edge Animate
                • Adobe Edge Code
                • Adobe Edge Inspect
                • Adobe Edge Reflow
                • Adobe eLearning Suite
                • Adobe Encore
                • Adobe eSign services (formerly EchoSign)
                • Adobe Experience Design (Beta)
                • Adobe Extension Builder
                • Adobe Fireworks
                • Adobe Flash Builder
                • Adobe Flash Player
                • Adobe Flash Professional
                • Adobe Font Folio
                • Adobe FrameMaker
                • Adobe FrameMaker Publishing Server
                • Adobe FrameMaker XML Author
                • Adobe Fuse (Preview)
                • Adobe Ideas
                • Adobe Illustrator
                • Adobe InCopy
                • Adobe InDesign
                • Adobe Ink & Slide
                • Adobe Kuler
                • Adobe LeanPrint
                • Adobe Lightroom
                • Adobe Lightroom for mobile and Apple TV
                • Adobe Line
                • Adobe LiveCycle
                • Adobe Media Encoder
                • Adobe Muse
                • Adobe PDF services
                • Adobe PhoneGap Build
                • Adobe Photoshop
                • Adobe Photoshop Elements
                • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
                • Adobe Photoshop Touch
                • Adobe Portfolio
                • Adobe Prelude
                • Adobe Premiere Elements
                • Adobe Premiere Pro
                • Adobe Presenter
                • Adobe Acrobat Reader
                • Adobe Revel
                • Adobe RoboHelp
                • Adobe RoboHelp Server
                • Adobe Scout
                • Adobe Shockwave Player
                • Adobe Sign
                • Adobe Sketch
                • Adobe SpeedGrade
                • Adobe Story Free
                • Adobe Story Plus
                • Adobe Technical Communication Suite
                • Adobe Type
                • Adobe Typekit
                • Adobe Web Hosting
                • Other product or service
                • Discontinued products
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                  Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

                  Confusing. The product in this case is Acrobat, which is a term for Acrobat Pro and Acrobat Standard (the paid products)

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                    try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    I moved your question to the Acrobat forums, as you're not using Reader... As mentioned, it's very important to select the right product name when asking for support.


                    It sounds to me like an issue with how the files were created, but it's very hard to say for sure without seeing some actual sample files.

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                      girijaAgarwal Adobe Employee

                      Request you to share the file on which you are getting this issue @ agarwala@adobe.com