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      I have a symbol that contains a picture, I duplicated the symbol several times. Now I want to replace the image with another, so that each symbol will contain a different picture, there is a way to get there?



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          I assume you drag and drop your symbol from library to stage.

          You can use code or open your symbol and change your picture.

          Using code, there are 2 cases. Your picture is within a div tag or an img tag.

          So you open the creationComplete panel or the compositionReady panel.



          1) div tag:


          .css({"background-image": "url(images/imageName.jpg)", "background-repeat": "no-repeat", "background-size": "100% 100%" });


          2) img tag:

          sym.getSymbol("symbolName").$("imageContainer").attr("src", "images/imageName.jpg");


          You have to target each symbol. I assume you named your symbols: "picture1", "picture2"...

          It will be:



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            Here are demo files:


            div tag symbols.zip - Box


            img tag symbols.zip - Box


            About the css property (case #1). A shorthand can be used:


            .css( "background", "#ffffff url(images/imageName.jpg) no-repeat center / contain" );

            See: CSS background property

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              Thank You.