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    Muse website changes not appearing on all devices after republishing

    choon cheong

      Hi everyone - this one's really got me puzzled.


      I uploaded a "version 1" website using the "upload to FTP host" function in Muse, but have since added new images and made some changes to the footer.


      After republishing (also via "upload to FTP host"), I reviewed the live site to make sure all the changes had gone live. I think I may have had to force refresh or clear cache to view the updated site, but nevertheless, it showed up fine on my computer. I also asked my colleagues to check on their machines and everything looked fine.


      The problem came when my boss checked the site. Try as he might, the changes do NOT appear on either his laptop OR iPhone. We have tried force reloading and clearing his browser cache, but to no avail. And it also seems to be a cross-browser problem – i.e. the same thing happens whether we try using Safari, Chrome or Firefox.


      Any ideas anyone??


      Could the old image files still be hiding out somewhere on the server? But why would some devices "see" the new images, and some not???