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    Dreamweaver 2017 search replace + select field choose sites

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      1.) When I search and replace then button "replace" sometimes is not clickable

      Unfortunately, I could not figure out exactly when this happened.


      2.) When I search and replace and I click on the "replace" button, then the text is replaced but the selection not go to the next position, so that when I click more than 1 times on the replace button then I replace always the same text at the same position. That's a catastrophe!


      3.) When I choose a site in the select field of my sites, with the old DW version, I can step by my very many sites with the keyboard keys. Example I can click on the "m" key so I can step all sites that begin with "m". With the new version, this is not possible. When I click more than 1 time to the "m" key, the selection remain on the first site with "m".

      I think the old GUI was better :-(

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          Niharika Gupta Adobe Employee



          There are two components of Find and Replace in DW CC 2017.1 now-


          1. Ctrl+F- Quick Search Bar to search/replace in the current document

          2. Ctrl+Shift+F- Advanced Find and Replace dialog which can search in Entire Current Site/ Folder/Open documents etc.


          Try updating to the latest version and check out the new improved Find and Replace. Please let us know if you still face any issues.



          Niharika Gupta

          Adobe Dreamweaver