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    Lightroom CC Windows 7 UI display is too big!

    tiffanycdk Level 1

      Hi guys,


      I wonder if someone can help me with this. I am running the latest Adobe Lightroom CC on Windows 7. Now the UI display is way too large. The panels are just unreasonably awkward to work with because of it. My Photoshop CC UI is fine (normal size) but for some reason Lightroom is way too big. I have gone into Preferences and changed the font size to small, restarted Lightroom and there is no effect. I am not sure what else to do to fix this issue. It makes Lightroom less pleasant to work in.

      Here is a screen shot of my preferences panel:

      Preferences Panel.png

      This is how Lightroom CC displays:


      Lightroom UI size.png


      Do you see how much the panels overlap? Is this normal?


      Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.