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    Photo changes by going from Develop to Libary


      Since a shortwhile I have wenn I goes with a photo in Lightroom from Develop to Libary that the photo changes. The photo becomes less sharp (it's looks like a soft layer that comes over the photo) and the photo turns warmer, the color temperture changes. When I do export the image the less sharpness remains and change of color is depending on which program / app (Windows 10) I use on the Pc to open the picture.

      Knows someone what here is happening, what the problem could should be?


      I have downloaded and integrated the Lightroom update (6.7), the problem is still there. A few weeks ago my pc is total refreshed (new Windows and harddrive) and Lightroom again installed, probably from that moment the problem is started, where I'm not sure about. In al the years use never had this problem.


      Many thanks.