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    Were are official smugmug plugin data locally stored?


      Using lightroom 6.6.1, I experienced some troubles with the smugmug plug-in (3.0.9): upload very slow and more and more errors of the type "image not found" by uploading. After downgrading the lightroom as well as the plug-in version without success, I decided to end up with deleting my smugmug publication account from lightroom and loading it again.
      Since this operation uploading pictures is ok. However in this operation I lost the parameters of all my smart galleries (smart galleries were directly in the publishing service) and synchronization of modified pictures seems not to work as well as before.

      Do the plug-in locally store the parameters of the smugmug account (in Lightroom catalog for exemple) and is there a way to restore a version of my smugmug account before the troubles occurred? Depending of the location, I may have some backups of my hard drives.
      Smugmug support advised me to ask by Adobe… Thanks.