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    Quick Reset Required!

    finnandme Level 1

      While I'm learning Ch, I'm constantly making a adjustments to what effect it has, but the problem with this is, I soon forget where I was in the first place?


      1. The Undo cmd+Z and Redo shift+cmd+Z is very useful, but sometimes I would just like to be able to Reset and start again! Is there a Reset option?

      2. I would like to turn off the options/settings, so I can see, from scratch, what each does in turn. Is there a Blank Canvas of Settings? Hope that makes sense!?




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          finnandme Level 1

          I notice that when I click on the Scene... I can make adjustments and I get a X... If I click on this, it resets to default setting. Great!

          However, when I click Puppet, I seem to get the same settings, but when I make adjustments.. no X? You have to double click and then enter 0, press Return/Enter to reset?


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            oksamurai Employee Moderator

            1. Best option for a reset is in the history window. Window > History. Just highlight the first thing in the list and you'll rewind to the start.


            2. In the puppet panel some properties (track item behaviors) have a little menu icon next to them - you can remove or hide them in the scene from there.


            3. The puppet values are a foundation, the defaults for your puppet. Yes, there is no X - you determine the defaults for what works best with your art. Once you're in a scene, that X means "restore to default" - whatever you've set originally in the puppet panel.

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              finnandme Level 1

              Hi Again!


              The History Panel.... In Ps I paint and use History a lot.. never gave this a though in Ch... amazing!

              I've just checked this out... Selected it from Windows.... Wow.. it goes way back to when I first started using and not just the latest session! I've pulled the History Panel away from the Main WorkSpace and have it as a floating Window.. this will be very useful!


              I'm still not 100% sure why there are two Properties.. Panels that seem to be showing the same thing, although one is slightly different. However, it may become a bit clearer when I get further into Ch!? I'm still working on a head and one eye! Slow... I know!


              Thanks again for your invaluable help!



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                finnandme Level 1

                Just realized  the Floating History Panel remains a part of the WorkSpace I created... So it pops back up as soon as I open Cn... Excellent!