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    Variables in graphics PDF




      I have question about PDF structure or JavaScript. I have page with graphics object like this:


      q 0.999985 0.999985 0.999985 RG /a0 gs 0.5 w 2 J 0 j [] 0.0 d 3.25 M 40 980.602 1920 -941.387 re S Q


      In my task I used graphics for easy vector interactive maps. Is there way how to insert “variable” because I would like make small changes in map and map is too big. It is possible used multiple copies of graphics with small changes but why. I would like change fill color (0.999985 0.999985 0.999985 RG) or text contain.  My idea is prepare array with constants and during javascript set position in array and in graphics used this reference.


      Thank you.