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    Noob Question: Memory Leak

      Well.. im creating a simple yet extensive Flex app for intranet use.. basic stuff like employes registration, company news, a small forum etc..

      Since this is my first time working with Flex and Flash i havent had any memory concerns until now.. my application is half way done and i have checked that its memory usage was huge after like 10min messing around in the flex app in IE..

      so when i checked at the profiler, every time i loaded anything into the app (forum post/employes registration form) the current memory just keep rising, and even using the "run gc now" didnt lowered that value..

      then after some reading about GC, and checking the app with the Profiler and such, i made some modifications and managed to make the app keep almost the same current memory usage even after i loaded/removed several stuff in it... okay thats good i suppose..

      BUT.. if i check the IE memory usage at task manager, it always keeps rising.. why ?

      ps. IE has only the flex app loaded in it of course..

      also.. when does the GC runs at Flex ? every how many minutes/seconds etc ? does Flex GC has the Collect function like the GC from .NET ?