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    cfmenu z-index issues

    lchalnick Level 1
      I'm using a third party custom tag called cf_tab (from Rizal Firmansyah) to produce a tabbed set of data entry forms. I'm trying to use cfmenu to produce the menu system for this app but the drop down menus keep getting hidden behind the tab object. The tabs are using css z-index values of 0, 1 and 2 and different elements in the tab-set. The main body of the active tab is displayed in an iframe.

      I've tried setting the value of cfmenu's childStyle attribute to "z-index : 3" and some other values. I also tried adding a style="z-index : 0" (and other values) to the iframe in the tab control. None of these attempts have changed the situation -- the tab object is still on top of the cfmenu.

      Anyone know of any work-arounds?