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    after effects cc2017 frames dropping



      since the new version of ae, I experience random frames dropping (or displaying as black) in the preview window.

      not only when playing, but also on frame by frame when going through the timeline (to check which frames are missing)

      when rendering the final result via media encoder*, everything seems fine though...

      so at first I thought something was wrong with my footage, but in the end it seemed just a bug in ae.

      not a huge problem, but enjoying still.


      * besides the media encoder having another problem: it autmatically renders on a 4th of the actual resolution.

      even if your source is fullHD...and you click match source...

      unless: you change your playback mode from automatic to 'Full'...workaround found here on the forum.

      also very annoying.


      hope these 2 bugs will be fixed real soon.