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    going mad with a Nook e reader which needs Adobe Digital Editions to connect to KOBO library ...it won't authorise the device?


      Hi anyone,

      going slightly mad this pm trying to get my lovely Nook to connect to the new KOBO platform ... they've taken over the Nook library.  I can see

      all my books on the mac (yosemite) and kobo instructions are to get Adobe ID .. tick.  Then to download ADE ... tick.  Then the problems start ...

      Install Adobe Digital Editions.

      2. Launch Adobe Digital Editions. 

      3. From the Help menu, click Authorize Computer.

      4. If you don't already have an Adobe ID, click the Get an Adobe ID online link.

      5. Adobe will launch your web browser and take you to the Adobe Sign In page to create an Adobe account.

      6. When you're done, return to Adobe Digital Editions.

      7. Enter your Adobe ID and password.

      8. Click Authorize.

      9. Click Finished when Adobe finishes authorizing your computer.

      10. Connect your eReader to your computer and tap Connect.

      11. In ADE, click the gear icon beside Devices. Click Authorize Device.

      12. Select the account that you'd like to authorize your eReader with. Click Authorize Device.

      13. Click OK to complete the process.


      It's from step 6 then nothing happens ... I click on ADE and it simply opens up as a library and doesn't ask me to enter ID and password so from then on I'm truly *****ed.  No one can help ... KOBO send me the same instructions and Adobe tech dept sent me to the forum!!!  My poor old Nook just keeps trying to connect poor little thing.

      God I might have to buy a kobo e reader just to access comfortably ... can anyone help??


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