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    Code Complete (Code Sense) is now gone - thanks Adobe

    dstoltz007 Level 1

      Just realized, in addition to the proper code coloring being removed, Adobe has also removed Code Complete for ASP (Classic ASP).


      Yes, there are many people who still support ASP. I now develop in PHP, but have thousands of ASP pages that still need to be supported and even enhanced.


      I'm so frustrated with Adobe making my job harder, I'm considering other options at this point. Why would you remove this feature?


      If perhaps I'm mistaken, and there's an option somewhere that will fix this, please enlighten me.



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          Jon Fritz II Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Adobe has been removing support for ASP, piece by piece, over the last handful of versions.

          Maybe they can be convinced to at least put the code completion back into the program when they fix the other major bugs in CC2017, but I doubt it's on their "product roadmap".


          I'm pretty sure I've seen Adobe employees suggest Visual Studio for ASP developers on the forums over the past few years.