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    Animate 2017 is removing all instances of UIScrollbar from the stage

    qLipp Level 1

      This is mainly for Adobe support since I can't seem to find anywhere to report a bug, so here goes:


      I updated to Animate 2017 two days ago and loaded up my (rather hefty) project.   Upon publishing it for the first time in this new version, I got errors that certain components were missing, and indeed they were.   ALL instances of UIScrollbar that existed on the stage had been completely removed!   Their layer was still there, but the instance (ie., the key frame it sat on) was gone entirely.


      The component itself was still in the library, though, so I dragged it out and put it back where it should be.   Upon republish it worked fine so i wrote it off as a silly glitch and continued working.  HOWEVER:


      After saving the FLA and re-opening it, the scrollbars were gone again, and they continue to be removed every time i re-open it!!!


      I have since gone and reinstalled Animate CC 2015.2 because this is an unworkable bug.   Thank goodness it still works there.   I refuse to drag out and re-instance my scrollbars every time i open my project, for obvious reasons


      Anyhow, thought you should know.    I realize SWF publishing is hardly your focus with Animate anymore, but there are still some of us out there that actively develop and maintain Flash games, and we need this stuff to work.