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    Exporting PDF from InDesign with automatic blank pages for double-sided printing?


      I could swear I've seen this feature in InDesign but I cannot find it now!


      I have a single document with different sections that each start over on page one by section on a right-facing page (Section A-1, Section B-1, etc.)


      I need to create two PDFs when I'm done: one for printing and one to email to the client. The "print" PDF will need blank pages any time the section has an odd number of pages so that the next section prints on a right facing page.


      Of course I can either add blank pages to my document and delete them from the PDF, OR add blank pages to my PDF after the fact. However, this is a very long document which gets edited and it's possible that the total number of pages in a section could change several times.


      I feel certain that I have seen a way for InDesign to automatically add the blank even page(s) when needed and take them away when you don't need it for proper double-sided print PDFs. Am I crazy?