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    InDesign freezing when selecting text

    classic d

      I am having an issue with InDesign that is plaguing many of my documents.



      • When selecting text with a mouse InDesign freezes up
      • When using Ctl+A there is no issue
      • This is only affecting specific styles, not all styles are affected
      • When clearing the tabs in the affected styles the problem is resolved
      • When setting one tab (after clearing and resolving the issue) the problem resurfaces
      • The styles that are affected have a larger font size (75pt)
      • Even in the styles that are affected the issue is only in the first half of the document
      • The other styles that are working are have tabs set
      • I have not opened these files in a few months, I have upgraded since to the most recent release. I don't remember having any issues prior to the 2017 release


      Attempted solutions:

      I have attempted the below solutions but they have not helped

      • Restarting my computer
      • Erasing my preferences for InDesign
      • Saving the file as a idml, tried working on the idml and re-saving as a indd
      • Uninstalling and reinstalling InDesign


      I anyone has as any resolution or helpful advice please let me know!

      Harbs. any suggestions?


      Thank you!