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    Re: Revised Flash Player Enterprise Distribution License Requirements (that took effect Dec. 1, 2015)

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      By their own device wrote:


      Given the new Flash Player enterprise distribution licensing requirement that took effect on 12/1/2015, can a software vendor use a single enterprise license to distribute Flash Player to its customers' client machines that don't have internet access?

      The question was answered with a redirect to a link to another search engine for adobe issues, that's not much of an "answer"... It's worse when I go visit that link provided and the search results come back to this same post.. that's not cool.


      To answer your question is "Yes", you can request to distribute software to systems that don't have internet access (just specify that you want to distribute to an Intranet via SMS, scripting, or other methods).


      In regards to the distribution license, good luck getting an account... I had a license about a year and a half ago, but it expired (only lasts a year) and I tried to sign-up again to distribute to my organization, but never got a reponse. I tried other email accounts (business and personal), without response, I called Adobe becase we spend A LOT of money for Adobe products and hope that we would get ANY help with distributing the flash players, readers, and shockwave (used to view training content), but they told me the same thing as earlier posts.... they told me that they are "free products and we cannot help you with that issue", they just told me over and over that they couldn't help, it is really terrible when we spend the money we do to create training materials (huge enterprise) and we cannot get the support needed to view the content...


      On top of all that, we hear that there are Zero-Day vulnerabilities within Adobe products and we still cannot update the products, so we just have to uninstall until we get the new software... has anyone found a contact for the distribution license issue? has anyone found the work around? or can someone provide the darn website to download the .MSI files? Thanks.


      Since I'm not getting any help, I would reccomend transfering all your media into HTML5 compatible videos to use on your websites, don't use flash as you aren't going to get help with your local intranet.... so far I can say that they wont respond to emails or phone calls, all they seem to want is the large money you use to buy their enterprise products and then give no support when you have enterprise requirements to "see" the content you've created.  IF/WHEN adobe ever contacts me about Flash/Reader/Shockwave then I will update this message, but don't hold your breath.  Microsoft has their own website creation tools, Silverlight for dynamic video, and HTML5 for nearly everything else.  Best of luck to you.