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    how to add script file to Adobe Acrobat DC to stamp page numbers on large documents


      I have legal documents taken from public sources that I need to use as exhibits. An example would be "exhibit 1 page 1 of 1000" stamped onto an existing document. Older versions of Adobe Acrobat had a script file for free from the experts that worked pretty well, except for a bug where as you went beyond page 100, the page number got corrupted. I was able to debug and fix the script file. At this point in time I recall the script file worked well with Adobe Acrobat DC, but I don't recall the url for the download for free. I observe at this time software that does this task for a small fee. Can anyone help me find the url for the script file and help me debug it for use for legal documents up to 1000 pages? Another example would be "exhibit A page 1 of 1000". Thanks in advance for feedback to help me find the script file.