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    Work Area Bar Gone?


      I've been using Premiere Elements 14 for about a year now and its worked fine with only a few hitches but all of a sudden the other day this happened:


      The work area bar disappeared. It's not that it got resized and now I can't find it. I've tried on multiple save files, different import files, no difference. The work area bar simply does not show up when I insert media. I have a screenshot showing what is happening.


      This all of a sudden happened, as the last time I tried to edit a video it worked fine. Help greatly appreciated.premiere.JPG

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          Aurobi Adobe Employee

          Hi William,


          It may have happened that the workarea bar outpoint was inadvertently set to the first frame in the timeline. In that case, please hover your mouse over the workarea bar section near the first frame and click drag the vertical bar (pointed out by the red arrow in the screenshot) outwards to the right side to set the outpoint of the workarea to your desired location.




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            wbaker018 Level 1

            I moved that to the end of my clips but the work area bar did not appear nor would it render when I tried to.

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              Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Hit the Zoom Out   button and look for it all the way on the right for the end of the WAB

              It looks to me your WAB is stretched all over the timeline.


              Render as in making preview files or exporting.

              as for the former the is nothing to render as there is no colored bar over the footage.

              which means it can playback without any issue.