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    many fonts used in InDesign documents; need to replace them with google fonts.  Easy way?


      Hi there,

      I've got many many text entries in numerous InDesign documents, big variety of fonts, and because all of this needs to be prepared for a WordPress website, I'm told that I have to replace these fonts with google fonts.  I've found some nice google fonts.

      But if I have to select each font in InDesign one bit at a time (these bits are all over the place—one font for titles, another font for main text, another font for something else... and all of this repeated hundreds and hundreds of time), I'll be looking at days/weeks and maybe carpal tunnel.

      Is there a way in InDesign to select a font and tell InDesign to change everything in the document in that font, to another font (a google font)?

      If there were a way to do this in Word, I'd do that, but my googling didn't produce an answer on that one.

      Thanks for any advice,