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    InDesign CS5.5 Win7 Crashes on Startup


      All of a sudden, after 1-2 years of working well, InDesign crashes on startup. The module noted is adobe_caps.dll.


      I googled and did everything I could get my hands on, including:


      Started with CTL-ALT-SHIFT pressed, still crashed

      Uninstalled the program

      Emptied the Adobe or InDesign folders in AppData/Local and AppData/Roaming

      Erase those preference files explained in the support pages

      Emptied my Temp folders

      Made sure adobe_caps.dll is gone


      Then I reinstalled InDesign from the CD.

      Made sure adobe_caps.dll is back, it is


      Restarted the computer, the whole thing.


      Every time I try to open, same thing, Hard crash, the module is always listed as adobe_caps.dll


      What's up?