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    PE 12 Crashed without saving

    AZ Aurora

      Okay I had been working all morning and had my project set to "save" every 5 minutes, plus I hit save in addition to that whenever I did allot of loading clips to my time line. I have all of my pictures on my timeline and was adding the music, it was playing back, saving and appeared to be working fine. Than all of a sudden the system froze and crashed. I reopened the project and all of my supposedly "saved" music was gone! Can you enlighten me as to what might have happened, I lost hours of work. I am now back to where I was and nervous that this might happen again. Please enlighten me. Thanks

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Have you tried opening one of your auto-saves?


          If you want to look deeper into what may have caused this crash, please let us know:

          *What operating system you're using

          *What processor you have and with how much RAM

          *How much free, clean, defragged space is on your hard drive

          *If you have an nVidia graphics card

          *What model of camcorder your video is coming from and what format and resolution the video is?

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            AZ Aurora Level 1



            Okay here is the information that you asked for:


            Windows 10

            Intel R Core TM i7 -2620M CPU@ 2.70 GHz

            RAM 6.0 (5.9 usable)

            64 bit operating system  x 64 based processor

            Intel R HD Graphics 3000     (both are listed under device manager but in display properties this one is listed)

            Nvidia GeForce GT 525M

            My drives are optimized automatically/weekly, it said 0% fragmented but I went to analyze and am doing an optimized as I type

            My camera is a Nikon Coolpix 

            Project settings  NTSC-AVCHD Full HD 1080i30

            My pictures are either 5x7 or 4x6 at Resolution size 150


            Any light you can shed on this would be helpful for further work. I am moving forward with this project, reloaded all of my music that I thought had been "saved" and now adding additional information. I have done several other DVD projects and this has never happened before where is said "saved" but than on reopening the project it truly had not done that. Thanks

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              It could be one of a couple of issues:

              * You don't say ho much free, clean, defragged space is on your hard drive. But, if you have less than 30 gigs of free space, the program can choke and crash.

              * You have an nVidia graphics card. In the last couple of weeks, nVidia has released updated drivers to their cards which have "broken" a number of programs, including Premiere Elements. If that is the case, some people have found that they can workaround the problem by rolling back to version 368.2.2 of the nVidia driver.

              NVIDIA DRIVERS GeForce Game Ready Driver WHQL

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                AZ Aurora Level 1

                Okay I have 596 GB hard drive and have used 327 GB


                Also my nVdia driver version is 369.09 I have not updated the driver but am wondering if it automatically updates?


                I went to the site that you linked and it stated it was for a Windows 7 & 8, I have Windows 10 installed.


                I have been using PE 12 all day and now have all of my music on the time line. I only need to add my text and I will be finished. I have 450 photos on my time line, they are all at 150 resolution and either 4x6 or 5x7. I also have music on the timeline. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I do not have any other problems like I experienced yesterday.