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    Can this be possible in muse

    Matthew Hotchkiss Level 1



      This page has a selection of images that scale inwards but still pin to the width of browser.. Also it seems to have a .giff rollover state.  I can make a series of images scale down together when adjusting browser size but not in individual widths as shown at link.  I know muse has the image information as inside the bounding box of images it stores the full image and can reveal the full width of the image.  Any information would be appreciated to lock images as a group but to scale them individually in width - but to also keep them together.  That is where I keep getting stuck.  Is there a way to set up columns that lock the images together?



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          Nine_Design Level 3

          There are a lot of video widgets out there that could make this possible - just not sure how well it would work as a mobile / responsive layout. May have to use fixed width layout. (They are .M4V video rollovers on that site)

          An example is Doodadle Hover video pro here - although I don't think it resets the video to start once mouse leaves hover zone.

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            Matthew Hotchkiss Level 1

            This link is super, would be good if it had a control to reset.. Maybe I use this rollover just for the desktop version.  Any idea on how to setup that grid layout that scales the images individually in width?  That is becoming quite a challenge.. I got it to work but they don't stick together in a block.  Otherwise I suppose I could resort the a overall scale of image block... Maybe it wasn't built with Muse and custom HTML?

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              ncw92 Level 2

              I did a quick test with a grid of 6 images (3 long, 2 down) - if you select the middle tiles to pin to browser centre, and the 2 left to pin left, and the 2 right to pin right, you should find it works and they scale together - they also need to be set to responsive width/height.TEST.jpg

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                Matthew Hotchkiss Level 1

                Thanks for this.  When I open the link they scale on Y and X (height & width).  Not just in X.  Also to view it correctly they need to be images as the images shouldn't actually scale.  It seems like




                uses a scale of the bounding box and not the actual images to allow this to happen. Is that possible with Muse ?  Any good HTML coders that can help add a code object into site if it isn't possible with pinning?

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                  Half of the "features" don't work right and you're never going to see your site work or render the same way twice. In fact, I've passing around a bad website that cost me work because it work fine on my Mac but lo and behold it didn't everywhere else.

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                    Joethepirate Level 1

                    This the last time I use this time suck of not ready for prime time software. It's for kids.

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                      ncw92 Level 2

                      What exactly is the point of your comments? If you're a developer who knows how to code, why are you using Muse to begin with? If you're a creative with no coding skills and a wish for something more than a Wordpress template, do you really need Muse's purpose explained to you?


                      Muse has issues, sure, but it enables people to build sites who never could before, and with the help of websites offering widgets and custom code elements, it can actually be used to create some impressive builds. It has limitations and is definitely a continually evolving and developing program, but it fills a hole in the market.

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                        ncw92 Level 2

                        The test I did scales on both x and y, if that's what you want set responsive sizing to width and height, if you only want the width to scale then select width only. I personally would scale both x and y but you may have a different preference.


                        The actual test I did in Muse used images, I just did colour tiles on the Photoshop mock I attached for clarity. If you don't want the images to crop as they scale, then try using the image aspect ratio to set the box size, then if you scale width and height it will scale smaller but the image will remain in full if it's 'set to fill' under fill options.


                        For example, if your image is 16:9, make your frames 16:9 and pin them as before, setting the responsive behaviour as you wish. Then fill the frame with your image using 'set to fill'. When you scale the page, the tiles should maintain their aspect ratio, so whilst your image frames will shrink, the image itself will not crop. Does that solve the issue?

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                          Joethepirate Level 1

                          I used Muse for my previous sites.


                          I since have delved full on to the other versions of muse.


                          - responsive does not take and resize and entire page with the x & y -

                          yes, it does work with fills but even now my button don't resize

                          correctly so my forward and backward arrows most of the time aren't



                          - I used type (Google type) and it was doing reragging for reason

                          unknown. In Safary, every things shows so when you'd scroll backwards

                          and forward there was a teal box  (that I initially fixed) but then the

                          type would

                          also have a highlight.


                          - I also had problems with SVGs particularly with PC's in fact Muse

                          renders and looks bad and works bad on lots of PCs.


                          Anyhow, this site is still not working right on laptops.


                          My point and to agree with you I should have gone with Wordpress because

                          I don't code and I don't recommend Muse to anyone. As I mentioned at

                          this point it's for amateurs and it's an amateurish app.


                          Instead of moving forward and looking for work now I need to go back and

                          try to fix this site.


                          I'm frustrated and hence my post, sorry.

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                            Matthew Hotchkiss Level 1

                            Ok, I will try that out with the fill frame / and width only on pinning.  Thank you NCW92.  I will try that Monday and get back to you. 

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                              Pavel Homeriki Adobe Community Professional

                              Joethepirate написал(а):

                              As I mentioned at

                              this point it's for amateurs and it's an amateurish app.


                              This program is primarily for designers. You just do not correctly understand its essence and have not learned to work with it. In most cases, should not even think of that would make a final site in the Muse. Basically, Muse replaces Photoshop. Now Photoshop is the assistant to the Muse, but not a major application for creating layouts. In Muse the work is much faster. And you can develop interactive design that is not available in Photoshop.

                              This directory Site of the Day – Adobe Muse Widget Directory  should convince you of this. This is the best for design and prototype, but not always for the finished site.

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                                Joethepirate Level 1



                                You don't even know what you're talking about. You sound like a moron.


                                Muse sells it self as an app that let's Designers design website without

                                coding. You can use for quick comps but the rest of it being an

                                extension of Photoshop and creating web sites comps that aren't

                                functional or what dumb thing you were saying is wrong.


                                I wouldn't use Muse for enterprise use and I have multiple working

                                personal sites for myself so that makes your statement even more invalid.


                                My gripe and complaint is that most of the new features don't work well

                                or consistently and in general Muse has gotten worst and not better with

                                the introduction of responsive design. And overall is doesn't work like

                                they show you on the videos or at least when you go from browser to

                                browser and from a Mac to a PC. My site doesn't work in Opera.


                                As for can you make professional sites, yes. With some coding adjustment

                                you can but by the time you start doing that using Wordpress would be a

                                better option.

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                                  ncw92 Level 2



                                  You seem to be misunderstanding the inherent complexity in designing websites for a variety of browsers and screen sizes. The issues with performance or display issues between mac and PC, and browser to browser, often relate to issues with how different browsers display content, rather than an issue stemming from Muse itself.


                                  That isn't to say that Muse doesn't have issues, and it's workflow can be limiting or buggy at times, but generally as a site building tool it's ahead of Wordpress in terms of creating custom layouts and designs. Wordpress is template driven whereas Muse allows designers to complete custom builds that wouldn't be possible.


                                  As for your comments about the reponsive features not working, I'm currently building a responsive site and they work perfectly, across browsers and different OS's. At first, I struggled with the breakpoint system but once I looked at some videos, learned how it worked and how to utilise them, I found the process quite simple and very useful.


                                  A mixture of widgets, YouTube tutorials and help from forums will no doubt see you through and lead to a great looking site built within Muse.


                                  I appreciate you're experiencing some difficulty and that's frustrating, but do you really think that calling people 'morons' or 'dumb' is going to inspire them to help you? Different people use the software for different things, so you can hardly disagree with someone over their personal, preferred use of it.