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    Sleep, Force Install Directory, Multiple AIRs, Config File, and  Trial Version

      Hi, was just playing around with AIR as a potential for an app I'm working on, a few questions:

      1. Can you force the install directory in AIR. For example on Windows, I need the app to be installed in c:\program files\app and not let the user change

      2. The app needs to read and write a config file. I've gotten this to work using the file and filestream AIR classes but only if my config file is in the "My documents" directory but couldn't get to work using the AIR application directory or sub-directory. If this isn't possible, then how would I modify the AIR install to write the config file on installation into "My Documents"?

      3. Was wondering if there is a "sleep" type function in AIR. I've got a work around with gettimer and a loop right now but this locks up the stage.

      4. I need a trial version capability where users can try out the app and then have to enter a key to activiate fully, was wondering how to do in AIR

      5. my app would actually have multiple AIR files with multiple .EXEs, can they all be packaged together as one big install

      thx for the help!