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    Export has troubles exporting assets




      I'm trying to export my work to .png, but I receive the following error: There was a problem exporting 11 assets. That is basically all the assets. (artboards) I have tried to export just a single artboard, but the same problem occurs.

      I have tried to export to .pdf and .svg, but no luck there.


      I have checked that the folder where I'm saving to is a read and write folder. And I have checked that the document isn't bigger than 16.000 px.


      Now, I'm out of ideas.


      I have used a few images in the artboards, but the export of artboard with no images failed a well.

      I have copy / pasted an icon made in illustrator, but when I tried to export a artboard without it, the same problem occurs.


      Can anyone help me?


      Thank you,