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    opera developer and flash player problem


      flash player   windows 10 opera 41.0.2353.56, chrome This flash version is working. But the opera developer 43.0.2403.0 is not running on the web browser. If the flash version is disabled, it works. But it does not have the same efficiency without flash support.


      windows 7 chrome, opera 41.0.2353.56 , opera developer 43.0.2403.0  flash player is running.


      other pc windows 10. I wanted to return to the old version flash player for opera developer. It did not succeed. It may be because I installed the latest version. Other web browser is also working. Not only the opera developer works. Is the problem a web browser? Does not it support opera developer flash player? This is a problem for a few days.


      If you help, I'd appreciate it. thanks.