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    After Effects CC2017 Is it possible to go back to 2016 ?

    Kamii Akbari Level 1

      I do this every time I update when I should not have updated. And this time i regret it big time!


      And I am in a bit hurry right now, I decided to update my mac and after effects

      To Mac Os Sierra and from CC2016 to CC2017.


      First thing I notice is that there is so much ram issues.

      Second thing I notice is that my plugins does not work as they would in CC2016.


      What I mean with that ?


      First of all I have 12GB of ram which I am aware of is quite low for some scenes etc.

      Ive watched out there is 2GB ram for every core.


      Now In CC2016 working with Big Scenes worked fine.

      In CC2017 I am working in a very small scene, and I am getting quite a bit of ram Issues this I now Could be a lot of problems with the plugins

      as I am pretty plugin based, and I would rather drown my self if I have to be stuck with Cineware instead of Element 3D.


      Cause Iknow Cineware works better in CC2017 instead of the plugin Element 3D, but Element 3D is not optimised it seems like to CC2017.


      So is there a way to fix this ?

      or is there a way to downgrade to CC2016 ? 


      Pls help!