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    Can not 'Go To Link' or 'Relink' in InDesign. What to do?


      I have a problem with my links in InDesign.

      A picture has been Relinked ones, but the name of the old picture is still in the Links panel, with the Modified triangle.

      I can't Relink it anymore or find the picture with Go To Link.

      The picture that I Relinked the original file with, is now on it's own in the Links panel. That is strange!

      It's like the picture file is stuck, or something.


      I have tried:

      • Close document and open it again
      • Save as new document
      • Make a Package to find the missing file
      • Find the picture from the Path that the Link Info gave me
      • Check the document for the file in frames and on Pasteboard


      What can I do?

      Can someone help me?