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    TOC Freezing when clicking into it


      Hopefully someone has a solution. Ever since I updated to the newest InDesign, every time I try and edit a table of contents it freezes. It won't let me do anything to the document at all and I have to force close. When I reopen, it does the same thing, so in essence, I can't truly create and edit a table of contents. It won't even let me select it, when I start to select the text, it freezes. Does anyone know why this occurs?

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          amaarora Adobe Employee


          can you check if your TOC has tab or other indents?

          Also you can try the following and see if it works, and solves your issue.


          Navigate to Preference->Advance Type -> Type Contextual Controls and disable the first preference “show for Character Alternates, Fractions, Ordinals and Ligatures”


          Also you can mail me your docuement so that we can have a better look at the issue.


          Thanks and regards,

          Aman Arora