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    Issues with RAM preview AE 2017

    Ben Heppener

      I have issues with RAM preview.

      When I hit space bar (or play button in preview window) the (audio) preview is very slow.

      Also it won't stop the preview. The 'beachball' keeps rolling

      I've seen some discussions about similar problems on the forum, but not with a satisfying answer.

      Any suggestions?



      iMac Ratina 5K, 27 inch, late 2015)

      Processor 4GHZ intelcore i7

      Memory 32 GB 1867 MHz

      Fusion Dive 3,12 TB (1,6 TB available)



      Sierra (10.12.1)



      2017 (version

      Enabled disk cache: 300 GB

      RAM available 26 GB (no other Adobe apps opened)