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    Using API, unlocking my iOS key does not work

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      I am quite sure that I am using curl properly to unlock a key using the API. But the response comes back with locked:true and the web interface also confirms that the key was not unlocked. I double/triple/quadruple checked my key password and it is correct. Here is the exact curl command I am using:


      curl -u myemail@mycompany.com -d 'data={"password":"xxxxxxxx"}' -X PUT https://build.phonegap.com/api/v1/keys/ios/123456


      The only substitutions I made so that I could post this on a public forum are these:


      1) I changed my real email address to myemail@mycompany.com

      2) I changed my key password to xxxxxxxx

      3) I changed my key id to 123456 (not sure if key ID is sensitive, but you get the idea)


      When I execute this command I am prompted to enter my password, which again I have double/triple/quadruple checked that I am entering correctly.


      The response that I receive back is as follows:


      {"id":123456,"title":"AdHoc_12012015","platform":"ios","created_at":"2015-12-01 09:09:48 -0800","last_used":"2016-11-11 06:58:46 -0800","link":"/api/v1/keys/ios/123456","default":false,"cert_name":"Certificates_iOS_011 22015_p12.p12","provision":"AdHoc_12012015.mobileprovision","locked":true,"role":"distribu tion"}


      You can see that locked is still "true".


      Any ideas?