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    Finding pasted/embedded images in a messy file




      I searched the community and didn't see anything for my specific question. I inherited a file- a large book with several dozen images. Most of the images (I assumed all) are linked. I output the file to PDF and received no warnings. Preflight passed. I found out later that an image was very low res. I went back to verify and found that the image was not in the links panel and, when selected, gives no info. As mentioned, it also gave no warnings on output nor in the preflight report- in essence, it didn't exist at all to ID. I believe this image was copy/pasted into the doc after reading some of the discussions. I now worry that there are several of these images throughout the document.


      So here is my question- Is there a way to find out how many or which images are embedded or pasted in without having to go through and select each image and verify the link?


      I haven't come across embedded images in a while. It used to be that any embedded graphic/image would show as such in the links panel and would be labeled as 'embedded.' This seems to no longer be the case. It makes it difficult to preflight when a placed/pasted graphic does not show up anywhere or give any warnings. Am I missing something?


      Thank you for any and all help.