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    CFCache dynamic user content and flush whole region or specific cache object ids.


      Hi there... looking through the documentation I am currently having difficulty working out the standard way of achieving my requirements.


      I have a menu which is dynamic depending on the user and I would like to cache it.


      I would then like to be able to either flush the cache for a specific user or for all users at once.


      I was hoping I could wrap the navigation cfml in a cfcache tag such as


      <cfcache key="NavCache" id="id#USERID#"   >




      I could then use the cacheRemoveAll function to clear the "NavCache" region and up this point everything is working great.


      The problem occurs when I then attempt to flush a specific cache object by id.


      I have tried cacheRemove method and the <cfcache> tag with the action="flush" attribute....however I have had no success.


      First off... am I going about this in the wrong way ?

      If I am along the right lines... what am I doing wrong?


      Thanks very much