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    Photos appearing in Google Photos Automatically

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      So this will sound odd, but I have photos appearing in my Google Photos account that I don't necessarily want there. Here is the situation... I want to keep my work related shoots separate from my family stuff, but all of a sudden my work stuff is interwoven with my family stuff in my personal Google account. The weird thing is it is all stuff off of a Canon DSLR that goes directly from the card  into my work related Catalog on Lightroom (I keep separate catalogs on my PC, and the photos themselves are uploaded to different drives as my work stuff goes onto a portable drive so I can deal with it in multiple places if need be) I can't figure out what is "talking" to Google Photo and uploading my work shoots in the background. I backup all my stuff via Crashplan, so while the idea of Google automatically backing up my DSLR photos in the background is nice, it is totally unnecessary for me. I just don't need to come across a bunch of buildings, food, and other random work stuff when I am trying to find pictures of my kids! And now the "Here are your memories from a year ago" thing that Google does is super fascinating when it is nothing but work junk! I posted this to the Google Photo forums too but figured I would see if anyone here has had similar experiences and what might be the missing link I don't know about.