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    InDesign CC 2017 save option grayed out

    a-cat Level 1

      Is anyone else having a problem when trying to save a file and not having the option to do so? I typically periodically save using keyboard shortcuts and realized yesterday that they had stopped working at some point during my workflow. I initially realized the shortcuts were buggy when my command-z shortcut wouldn't work. I went to the file menu and the option to save the file is grayed out. The undo option is grayed out as well. I tried quitting and it asked if I wanted to save my file before quitting and of course said yes but it wouldn't let me save it. It said it couldn't but gave no clue as to why.


      I was able to not lose all my work by exporting an IDML file, restarting InDesign, and converting the IDML then saving. Restarting seemed to fix the issue but shortly into working again I had the same problem. Today I have had the issue again. The only way I can "save" and not lose my work is to follow this process and I hope I can go more than a few minutes without it giving me trouble. Thankfully all of my links from Illustrator were not compromised because that's where I spent most of my time working before realizing nothing in ID would save.


      There have been some weird buggy things in InDesign CC 2017 that aren't as critical but are slowing down my workflow such as my stroke defaulting to the hash stroke option and anytime I try to apply color to any shape or stroke the swatch is at 0% opacity and I have to manually adjust it to 100%. I've tried resetting my workspace and viewed settings within the settings menu options but nothing seems to give me a clue as to how to fix it or why it's doing that in the first place. I've never experienced this being a default setting or had to troubleshoot this sort of thing so if I am missing something I'd love tips on fixing it.