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    Typekit fonts have suddenly disappeared


      Hello all, I'm a subscriber to the Creative Cloud. I've found that recently (within the day or so) my access to Typekit and fonts have been downgraded to a Free account (all my fonts have disappeared, not a Portfolio account and now all my work has missing fonts. The fonts I previously had access to have all disappeared from my MAC machines I've licenced to use the Creative Cloud applications. Can I clarify that nothing has changed with respect to licensing these fonts?  - as stated on this page Learn what you need to use Typekit, and what's included with your subscription This is what I have. How can I restore the Typekit functionality to my licenced machines? Deadline for today and suddenly all the fonts went so I missed my deadline please HELP!!! I just tried updating the new releases and restarting my computer but still all the fonts I have added over the past year have disappeared.  With grateful thanks for any help offered, Katie Bell!