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    Install LR on new Computer


      I have LR 2.0 disk now worthless but the old computer has updated to LR 5.7.1

      on a 32 bit W7 I am moving to W7 64 bit I have copied MyPictures folder that


      LR 5 Catalog preview lrdata

      LR 5 Catalog smart preview lfdata

      LR Settings

      and all my photos



      I have a Camera Raw folder


      I have a Export from LR folder (not necessary but will come along for the RIDE)


      This question my seem trite but DO I install LR and NOT OPEN IT first

      OR do I copy these files to the correct folders on the new computer

      THEN install LR

      My concern is will LR over write the arbitrary files it creates

      OR will it be happy to find the old data and not delete or create duplicate files(1)

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If all of those folders and files are arranged the same way the were arranged on the old computer then all you should have to do is install Lightroom 5.7 and go to work. Why do you have a camera raw folder?

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            dwightrph@gmail.com Level 1

            Well some how I downloaded LR 2.7 by mistake so I deleted it perhaps that is where Camera Raw folder came from

            So I can install all my folders in the correct location then INSTALL LR 5.7

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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If you have put all of your folders in the same folder structure under Pictures so that they are arranged exactly the same as they were on the old computer, then installing Lightroom is all that should be necessary. You might want to take a look at these instructions  for some further insight:


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                dwightrph@gmail.com Level 1

                Thanks HI HO it is off to folder installation I GO


                It works like a charm if you place all your folders that are associated with LR from the old system

                in the same folder location on the new system ( went from 32 bit to 64 bit )

                best to look at C:\User\UserName\MyDocuments\MyPictures  (I had my LR Catalog Preview lrdat) files in that folder location

                next place to look is C:\User\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom (copy this one over)

                I keep a separate folder for exporting just get the path and move that folder over


                Then download LR 5.7.1 put the file in a folder called MyBackUP and double click

                When you start this process be sure to have your Serial Number

                I started with LR 2.0 and when I registered I was given a new SN write it down

                I tried to use the old SN and it was declined found the new one and all worked just great