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    Indd CC 2015 Install probs




      I purchased a monthly subscription for Indd CC 2015 yesterday. I downloaded CC onto my desktop and pressed install on the Indesign app. The app downloads but stalls at 99%. So far I have uninstalled both the app and CC. Signed in and out. Tried to run CC Cleaner but could not get rid of the CC app in order to do this. Installed indesign again and again and it always stalls at 99%. However, when I press the x next to the app it says it's "finishing" and at this point it seems like the app has installed onto my mac. When I double click it in the applications folder it asks if I want a free trial and doesn't recognise that I'm a subscriber. I suppose I have two questions – Why is it not recognising my subscription and has Indesign installed completely despite not reaching 100%?


      Sorry for rambling!

      Thank you