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    Stuttering playback in Premiere Pro (after CC2014)

    jemmccluskey Level 1

      I am using a workstation - Dell with xeons, twin quadros, blah, blah, loads of memory, fast disks, windows 10 x64 - using mp4 or MTS from Sony RX 10 ii or A7Rii, I get stuttering playback when using any Premiere Pro version beyond 2014 (stuttering audio also). This stuttering happens regardless of cuda or software only renderer...it is the Premiere Pro versions beyond 2014 that is at fault!   Adobe - please fix this! I am paying for this software - I want and need it to work!

      To describe the stuttering more precisely - when a seq is set to play in proj or source window, the cursor appears to step forward then step back, forward again, etc. However, the seq will render ok!

      Nevertheless, it is impossible to work through an edit when the gui is reacting as I describe