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    Lineart effect?


      I was wondering if anyone knew how to this sort of lineart effects this creator uses in the "after" shot. 




      Full video here for more before and after shots: making of 「Lovely Girl on The Rampage 」 - YouTube


      As you can see, it looks like they converted the original anime footage into lineart.  I've tried using Find Edge and Threshold but to no avail.  Thanks ahead of time!

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          Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

          from examining your reference, the fine lines, the clean appearance, the difference between them (the left is richer and has more elements, more shadows and highlights), it appears these are 2 different renders from the original art. meaning - there is no effect here. the software in which these images were created in was used to export 2 different files: the composite (the left), and the line art in red (the right). then it's just a matter of placing one on top of the other and using matte reveal either by mask or effect.


          having said that, you can come pretty close in some cases. take a look at these settings:


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            toucanftw Level 1

            Thanks so much! I'll try that and experiment a bit