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    Flash Installer 23 totally silent after execution on El Capitan

      • Operating system version: OS X El Capitan, 10.11.5
      • Web browser and version: Firefox 49.0.2, Safari 9.1.1, Chrome 54.0.2840.98 (64-bit)
      • Flash Player version: 23
      • Explain your problem in step-by-step detail if possible


      I download the flash player from Adobe website. I mount the .dmg file and open it in finder. I double click the installer within the .dmg file. It asks if I really want to run this software, I choose "open".


      After this, nothing happens, I've even waited hours just to be sure.


      I've verified that the installer is running in the Activity Monitor, under the name "Install Adobe Flash Player".


      I've tried to take the following (suggested on the internet) measures:


      1. Reboot system and try again.

      2. Closed all other applications.

      3. Verified I have a normal fully working internet connection.

      4. Verified I have lots of disk space.

      5. Verified that my /etc/hosts is not blocking anything.



      I do not get any error messages, apart from the installer being visible in the Activity Monitor, total silence after double clicking the installer and choosing "open".


      So at this point, I'm out of ideas and googling it doesn't reveal anyone else with the same problem.


      Anything else I can do?


      Thank you