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    Local/Network Connection to IIS Site Shows HTML Drafts

    JamieATL Level 1
      We just set up a trial version of Contribute CS4 with our local IIS web server. We're using the Local/Network connection type and have successfully established a connection with the server. The connection works (we can browse the folder structure and see the web files), but the home page and any other files are displayed as HTML source code when we attempt to edit a Draft. Source code is also shown in "Preview" windows when browsing the site for files. When we're in Edit Draft mode, we have access to change the source code (ie, permissions seem to be set, as we have access to write), but of course this does little to help our non-webmaster users who can't write HTML.

      Can anyone tell me if they have successfully used Contribute CS4 with a local/network connection to an IIS server? I'm not sure if this a Contribute issue or something to do with our source code, which is fairly simple (static .aspx pages with a few server-side includes). We're running Visual Studio 2008 and IIS 6, with ASP.NET 2.0.

      Based on the newness of Contribute CS4, I thought it might be some bug, but the lack of any support articles tells me it may just be us.