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    Quicktime recorded file doesn't work in After Effects CC in preview.


      Hello everyone,

      I am fairly new to Adobe After effects CC but i'm really enjoying the program. I am currently creating a 2 minute UX video based on the Apple HomeKit app but i'm having major issues with my sound.


      So my recorded video files and vectors etc work perfectly with no issue however, I recorded my voice over using Quicktime on my iMac as I need to match my text transitions to the moments I speak but the sound isn't working. Whenever I play the quicktime recording outside of After effects, it works perfectly but as soon as I import it into After effects it stops working in preview. You can see that the sound contains the Waveform but no sound comes out. If you preview the sound file, my voice would maybe appear for like a second at some points of the recording but instantly disappear. You will sometimes have random crackles appear and thats it.


      When I render the actual file, the sound is perfectly there and working. So what could be up? This needs to be done by Monday but my sound is stopping me from further editing. PLEASE HELP ME!
      Screen Shot 2016-11-12 at 13.11.55.png






      As you can see my file is a  M4a as recorded with quicktime but the type is a MPEG.
      Any ideas?




      Many thanks.