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    Crash and its gone :(


      I have been working on a website redesign (using XD version beta)  and was doing a wireframe for this project using XD and have been for a few days now.  I called is Wireframe1 and it's saved in a designated folder on my desktop and have been successfully working on it and saving over the past few days.


      A lot of detailed work has been done today (a full 3 hours worth) and suddenly boom, the software crashed, and a report was sent.  However on reopening it reverted back to the starting point rather than the last work that was done!!!  Argh!!!  I know it's Beta version, but would welcome any input from others on where any temporary files are kept so i can retrieve my 3 hours worth of design that has appeared to just disappeared. My deadline is this weekend to get it to the client and could do without this right now....

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          CoreyRLucier Adobe Employee

          Intermediate save points (automatic) haven't been integrated into the beta build just yet so unfortunately if you hadn't saved your work explicitly during that period the work is lost.


          The stability of the app is of utmost important to us rest assured - and your time is valuable to us, so apologies.  If you have any idea of what may have caused the crash or led up to it, please provide as many details as you are able to.  This will certainly help.


          Beyond that my only recommendation as tedious as it may be, is to for the near term save your work to a secondary backup periodically.  Will convey your circumstances to the team as well.




          Corey L.

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            SueMck72 Level 1

            Thanks for the update and i had a feeling you were going to say the auto save function had not been added as yet... Hey ho. Gutted but there isn't a lot i can do now, perhaps this second version will be even better and a 'meant to be'.


            I did send the crash report through so am hoping you have all that info.  I was resizing and aligning boxes with text  (people's names) underneath their pictures to make a width width scrolling carousel of people with their info underneath at the time of the crash. I had not saved since just before 12 noon and it crashed just before 3pm.

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              CoreyRLucier Adobe Employee

              Sue, so that I may better track down your specific crash, what time zone are you in and what specific date did you crash?  Also, what type of Mac are you using (iMac, Macbook Pro, etc.) ?

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                SueMck72 Level 1

                I am in the U.K., which is on GMT. It was Saturday 2:55pm the crash and I use a MacBook Pro. 


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                  CoreyRLucier Adobe Employee

                  Thank you so much, if you are willing or able, can you email me the crash log?


                  If you start Console.app, under the “User Diagnostic Reports” section, select the crash with “Adobe XD” + correct timestamp, then File -> Save a Copy As and email it to clucier@adobe.com?


                  If the log has rolled over and is no longer present no worries.  Appreciate the time and effort. 

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                    It very disappointing that 'auto-save' has still not been implemented as a priority. I have lost 4hrs with of work due to the app crashing. Is there any commitment on which this will be implement. Crashes on a beta are expected and as such I would expect intermediate save points as critical to mitigate this eventuality to some extent.

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                      elainecc Adobe Employee

                      We're actively working on the feature, but it's something that's going to take some time to deliver, as it's a hugely complex feature. Please do upvote here to get updates when it's available: Auto Save – Adobe XD Feedback : Feature Requests & Bugs