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    Can i make a random distribution of objects?

    SebastiaoV Level 1

      Hi guys,

      I am not sure if it posible but i would like with InDesign or maybe Illustrator (can be better for that) a random distribution of dots in a map? I have to make a map look like this aproximately. There are so many points and i moving them by hand and it is way time consuming. The effect is there's have to be many dots but distributed in a more organic or random way.


      Here is the sample. Thanks for any help on this :-)


      Captura de pantalla 2016-11-12 a la(s) 19.29.13.png

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          Michael Riordan Adobe Community Professional

          A script may be able to do this for you, but barring that, I’d suggest using the symbol sprayer in Illustrator, it’s designed for this exact purpose (it’s the tool that looks like a can of spray paint). You can easily create the small orange circle and drag it onto the symbols panel in Illustrator. Close the pop up dialogue, select the dot in the symbols panel, then select the symbol sprayer from the tools panel and start spraying. If you’re not happy with the distribution, double click the symbol sprayer in the tool panel to access its controls.


          Hope that helps.


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