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    Script to move a facing page after itself?

    JustyR Level 1

      Hi all,


      This seems to be an age old question. How to quickly split spreads for wiro-bound?


      I've tried Harbs' script separatepages.jsx but never got it to play nice with the right-hand page.


      Instead of manually dragging each right-hand page slightly to the right, to get it to split...how about scripting Move Pages?


      If you select, say, page 3, click on Move Pages... and set it to move page 3 After page 3, it will simulate a manual move as above.


      Is there a way to script that for multiple pages?


      There are a couple of ways I can think of it working:


      Manually select each right-hand page. Script takes those page numbers then performs the Move Pages sequence.


      Script takes all numbers of odd pages and applies the Move Pages sequence.


      Would be awesome if someone could help as I don't even know where tp start with creating a script for this.