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    Problem importing Mini DV tape into Premier Element 11

    Mike Manooch

      I have been using Premier Element 11 to import and edit my Mini DV tapes since Adobe in their wisdom removed this feature from PE-14 which I have.

      The program has been running fine on Windows 10 until yesterday when Windows 10 updated itself.

      I play the tapes in a Sony DHR-1000 deck but now when I try to access DV camera the program crashes and the following error message is displayed
      " Adobe Premier Element 11 has stopped working. A problem caused the Program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program"

      I am now left with 7 years of memory on Mini DV tapes to edit.

      The computer is home built and has been working fine and all drivers are up to date therefor I won't bore you with specs.

      Any help, advice and guidance is greatly appreciated.